How to Choose the Best Hair Scissors? (Part 2)

How to Choose the Best Hair Scissors? (Part 2)

Part 2: How to Cut Bob Hair Style?

1 What is Bob Cut Hairstyle?

The bob cut refers to any haircut that ends in a blunt line. Typically, a bob cut is shorter in length - between chin length to neck length. It is a classic style that has many variations. And it's very popular with women. The bob hairstyle can look very different depending on your cut and the way of styling. Its defining feature is the clear clean line at the ends of the hair.

2 What is a blunt cut?

This is the basic technique for a scissor and is used for the base cut. Unlike soft layers that gently frame your face or shaggy layers designed to create natural texture, a blunt cut is straightforward—simply cut straight across with shears to create a uniform length.


3 How to choose the most suitable hair cutting shears?

Because cutting straight is a very basic technique, many scissors are suitable. (Example: Cheng’s MA-55 VB-60N UA-70) Hair cutting scissors for blunt cutting have short and slim blades with straight cutting edges for precise cutting as well as are suitable for point cutting.


Ergonomic offset handle types are very comfortable for barbering, scissor-over comb, and blunt cutting work, which puts less stress on the elbow and wrist. The Japanese stainless steel premium material delivers fine, ultra-sharp edges that glide smoothly through all hair types.


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