How to Maintain Your Hair Scissors?

How to Maintain Your Hair Scissors?

As a hairdresser learning how to maintain your hair scissors is important to prolong the life span of your hair scissors. Maintaining your scissors can help you cut hair easily, and ensure they perform optimally for as long as possible.


How to take care of hair cutting scissors?

  1. After each haircut you should clean your scissors by using a soft clean cloth. Hair scissors must be always stored clean and dry - to avoid corrosion from residual water and other substances. For thinning scissors maintenance, remove the hair in between the teeth after cutting. If you are having difficulty removing dirt or hair in between the teeth, you can use a toothpick or toothbrush to clean, then wash, and re-oil.


  1. Please oil your scissors either daily or every couple of days. This will prevent dirt and hair from building up around the screw - which could affect the smoothness of the cut, and the scissors tension setting. You should open the scissor completely and apply a small amount of oil between the blades on both sides of the screw area.


  1. Carefully place them back in your scissors case while not using them and store them away from any wet areas.


  1. Please check your hair scissors regularly. You need to check the blade edges for damage and your scissors for correct tension adjustment. You should never wait for your scissors to go blunt to sharpen them, blade edges should always be nice and sharp.


Some Simple TIPS for Caring for Your Scissors


  1. Please be careful when you use our scissors.
  2. Do not cut anything except hair such as plastic and metal objects.
  3. Wipe the scissors with a cleaning cloth after each use.
  4. Remember to lubricate it and put it in a clean dry place.


If you get our scissors,  you will get a scissor bag, which can help you keep the lifetime of scissors, including 1* Cleaning cloth;1* empty Oil bottle with brush head;1* screw key.

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