What is scissor tension?

Scissor tension is the tension of the screw that holds the two scissor blades together.

Tension can be simply described as the looseness or tightness of your scissor.

Proper adjustment of the tension between the blades is necessary for optimum performance.

Why is important to adjust the tension?

A scissor that is too tense or tight will not only cause the scissor to wear down faster, causing it to go blunt faster and shorten its life but will cause fatigue for you also due to the extra effort required to use the scissor.

If shears are too loose, the cutting action is compromised and the hair bends rather than cuts. Shears that are simply too loose and not properly adjusted often get mistakenly accused of being dull. On the flip side, if the tension is too tight it will cause premature wear of the blade edges and user fatigue.


How to know if your scissors are tensioned correctly?

Hold your scissors upright, with the blades pointing upwards.

Hold one of the scissor handles with one hand.

Using your other hand, lift the other scissor handle so the blade is at a 90-degree angle.

Let go of the handle, and let the blade drop.

If the tension is correct, the handle that is dropped will fall, but not close completely. If the scissors snap shut all the way, your tension is too loose.

If your scissors don't move, or close less than ⅔rds of the way, your tension is too tight.




How to adjust your hair scissor tension screw?

Please choose the appropriate method of adjusting the tension according to the screw on your scissors. Two basic adjustment methods are described here:

1 Adjustment Screw

Our scissor company provides a specialized tool to adjust the screw. You should use the adjuster to realign your scissors. These tension-adjusting tools work far better than a generic screwdriver, be careful not to lose them.

Make sure to check your tension after each small adjustment.




2 Direct Adjustment Knob

Hold your scissors upright, with the blades pointing upwards. Using the righty-tighty lefty-loosey rule, make small adjustments using the adjustable screw dial or by using the adjustment tool provided. Turn the screw in the required direction in small increments. You can simply twist the dial around to tighten or loosen the spring to the desired tension.


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