CHENG SCISSORS values quality, honesty, on-time shipping, lifetime guarantee, and good and professional customer service. 
We provide you with the sharpest and premium quality hair shears allowing you to trim, cut, and style your hair with ease. It is suitable for professional barbers or salon hairdressers.
Our company was established in 2002, concentrating on the manufacture of high-quality scissors for both human hair cutting and pet grooming. With 22 years of experience in scissor manufacturing, CHENG has a professional D & R team, well-trained scissor smiths, and a professional Q&C group, that also invests in advanced machines and technology to ensure the development of quality of each pair of scissors. 
  • High-End Scissors:

Our hair scissors are taken through a thorough quality and durability tests before being released on the market. With our product, you are assured of maximum durability and value for your money.

  • Efficient Barber Scissors:

Features that smooth and effortless cutting,versatile, perfect choice for professional stylist and barbers.

Deliver exceptional results without damaging the hair,allowing you to attain the desired hairstyle with ease.