About us

Pingyang Yonghe Scissor Co., Ltd., our company, is first established in 2002, concentrating at the manufacture of high quality scissors for both human hair cutting and pet grooming, using steels from Chinese 9CR steel to Japanese steels such 440C, Japan VG 10, ATS314 forged, etc.With 16 years experience in scissor manufacturing, CHENG has professional D & R team, well trained scissor smith, and professional QC group, also invests in advanced machines and technology to ensure the development of quality of each pair of scissors. CHENG values quality, honesty, on-time shipping, life-time guarantee, good and professional customer service.


Our Email: yh4@yhscissors.com
E-mail: info@yhscissors.com
Tel.: +86 577 6308 2297

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Our Address:  Pingyang Yonghe Scissor Co., Ltd. 95th Haize Rd., Binhai New District, Pingyang, Wenzhou Zhejiang Province 325400, China